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Create Git repository

Note: Only PMC members have the permission to do the following operations.

Create Git repository#

Fill in the new repository information in GitBox [1]. Take shenyu-helm-chart as an example.


  • PMC: choose shenyu
  • Repository name: helm-chart (the suffix, not the full name)
  • Generated name: shenyu-helm-chart.git (full name automatically generated, no need to fill in)
  • Commit notification list and GitHub notification list:

Click Yes to complete the creation. The GitHub repository creation process will take about an hour.

Initialize the GitHub repository#

  • Once the GitHub repository is created, follow the instructions on the page to complete your first commit.
  • Add .asf.yaml to custom repository configuration. A detailed description of .asf.yaml can be found here [2].

helm-chart's .asf.yaml, with branch protection turned on, will need to be committed with PR for future code after push.

github:  description: ShenYu is High-Performance Java API Gateway.  homepage:  labels:    - shenyu    - helm chart  features:    wiki: true    issues: true    projects: true  ghp_branch: main    ghp_path: /docs  enabled_merge_buttons:    squash: true    merge: false    rebase: false  protected_branches:    main:      required_status_checks:        strict: true      required_pull_request_reviews:        dismiss_stale_reviews: true        required_approving_review_count: 1notifications:  commits:  issues:  pullrequests:

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