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Issue And Pull Request

Create Issues#

  • If you have any problems, you can choose to create an issue to describe.
  • It has 4 types which are: Bug Report, Feature Request, Question and Task.
  • Please follow the template for each type, if the more detailed your information is, the more it will help to solve your problem.

Commit Messages#

Format is : <type> (<module>) : <body>.

<type>: Define your modify type, Including but not limited to the following:

  • refactor
  • fix
  • docs
  • test
  • feature ...

<module>: Any of the modules belonging to the Apache ShenYu project,Please strictly follow the name of the project, Including but not limited to the following:

  • admin
  • client
  • common
  • metrics
  • spi
  • plugin-grpc
  • plugin-alibaba-dubbo
  • register-client-nacos ...

<body>:Short description for commit messages. Please note the following rules:

  • No need for any capitalized words

  • Please end with .

for example:

  • refactor admin : modify some error log.
  • fix plugin-grpc : modify   result error.
  • feature plugin-alibaba-dubbo : add request for tag router.

Pull Request#

First of all, before Pull Request, you have to create issueNo Format is : [ISSUE #{issue number}] <body>.

Please note the following rules:

  • A space is required between ISSUE and issue number.
  • <body> : The first word needs to be capitalized, Other words no longer appear in capital letters.

for example:

  • [ISSUE #123] Support spring cloud grayscale release.

  • [ISSUE #456] Fix dubbo plugin have some error.

Issue Label#

We need to Label to all issues. All of Apache ShenYu community's lists are here :

In general, an issue should be marked with 2 Label. One is the type of issue, and the other is the project module to which the issue belongs.

Except for the following Labels:

  • [type: build]
  • [type: community]
  • [type: discussion]
  • [type: duplicate]
  • [status: wontfix] ...

Merged Pull Request#

  • All pull request must be approve and review.

  • Give appropriate advice whenever possible.

  • In general, pull request   should be marked with 2 Lable and must set milestone.

  • After the merge is completed, need to check if the associated issueNo is closed.