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Committer Promotion#

After you have made a lot of contributions, the community will nominate. Become a committer you will have

Promotion process#

1. Follow this Committer Guide to complete the vote

  • If you have not signed the ICLA, Please follow the ICLA Guide to complete the signing

  • If you have ever signed an ICLA, please provide request account like this:

Prospective userid:  Full name: Forwarding email address(sign icla send eamil):What time to receive the reply signed by icla:

2. Add the new committer to roster

3. Complete the GitBox Setup

4. Enable GitHub two-factor authentication

two-factor authentication

Committer Responsibilities#

  • Solving issue problems.
  • Mentoring contributors to the community.

Pull Request#

  • Give sound advice where possible.
  • AThe pull request should be marked shenyu Lable and the schedule must be set.
  • Once the merge is complete, you need to check that the associated issueNo is closed.

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