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Apache ShenYu Start Demo

· 2 min read
Kunshuai Zhu
Apache ShenYu Contributor

Environmental preparation#

  • Install JDK1.8+ locally
  • Install Git locally
  • Install Maven locally
  • Choose a development tool, such as IDEA

Pull ShenYu code#

Use Git to clone code

git clone

Compile code#

Compile with Maven

cd incubator-shenyumvn clean install -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true -B -Drat.skip=true -Djacoco.skip=true -DskipITs -DskipTests

Start the gateway service#

Use development tools, take IDEA as an example.

Start shenyu-admin (use H2 database by default)


Start shenyu-bootstrap


At this point, shenyu gateway has been activated.

We can open the browser and access the admin console: http://localhost:9095/

Start application service#

Apache ShenYu provides examples for Http, Dubbo, SpringCloud and other applications to access the shenyu gateway, located in the shenyu-example module. Here we take the Http service as an example.

If shenyu-example is not marked as a Maven project by IDEA, you can right-click the pom.xml file in the shenyu-example directory to add it as a Maven project.


Start shenyu-examples-http


At this time, shenyu-examples-http will automatically register the interface method annotated with @ShenyuSpringMvcClient and the related configuration in application.yml to the gateway. When we open the admin console, you can see the relevant configuration in divide and context-path.

Test Http request#

Now use postman to simulate http to request your http service:


Use more plugins#

We can refer to Official Document to use other plugins.

Here is an example of using the param-mapping plugin.

Edit the param-mapping plugin in BasicConfig -> Plugin and set status.


Configure selectors and rules in PluginList -> http process.



Then use postman to make an http request to /http/test/payment.