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Version: 2.6.1



  • 本文介绍如何对 org.springframework.web.server.WebFliter 进行扩展。


  • 新增 org.apache.shenyu.web.filter.CrossFilter 实现 WebFilter
 public class CrossFilter implements WebFilter {
     private static final String ALLOWED_HEADERS = "x-requested-with, authorization, Content-Type, Authorization, credential, X-XSRF-TOKEN,token,username,client";
     private static final String ALLOWED_METHODS = "*";
     private static final String ALLOWED_ORIGIN = "*";
     private static final String ALLOWED_EXPOSE = "*";
     private static final String MAX_AGE = "18000";
     @Override     @SuppressWarnings("all")     public Mono<Void> filter(final ServerWebExchange exchange, final WebFilterChain chain) {         ServerHttpRequest request = exchange.getRequest();         if (CorsUtils.isCorsRequest(request)) {             ServerHttpResponse response = exchange.getResponse();             HttpHeaders headers = response.getHeaders();             headers.add("Access-Control-Allow-Origin", ALLOWED_ORIGIN);             headers.add("Access-Control-Allow-Methods", ALLOWED_METHODS);             headers.add("Access-Control-Max-Age", MAX_AGE);             headers.add("Access-Control-Allow-Headers", ALLOWED_HEADERS);             headers.add("Access-Control-Expose-Headers", ALLOWED_EXPOSE);             headers.add("Access-Control-Allow-Credentials", "true");             if (request.getMethod() == HttpMethod.OPTIONS) {                 response.setStatusCode(HttpStatus.OK);                 return Mono.empty();             }         }         return chain.filter(exchange);     } }
  • CrossFilter 注册成为 Springbean

网关过滤 springboot健康检查#

  • 注意顺序,使用 @Order 注解
@Component@Order(-99)public final class HealthFilter implements WebFilter {
    private static final String[] FILTER_TAG = {"/actuator/health", "/health_check"};
    @Override    public Mono<Void> filter(@Nullable final ServerWebExchange exchange, @Nullable final WebFilterChain chain) {        ServerHttpRequest request = Objects.requireNonNull(exchange).getRequest();        String urlPath = request.getURI().getPath();        for (String check : FILTER_TAG) {            if (check.equals(urlPath)) {                String result = JsonUtils.toJson(new Health.Builder().up().build());                DataBuffer dataBuffer = exchange.getResponse().bufferFactory().wrap(result.getBytes());                return exchange.getResponse().writeWith(Mono.just(dataBuffer));            }        }        return Objects.requireNonNull(chain).filter(exchange);    }}

继承 org.apache.shenyu.web.filter.AbstractWebFilter#

  • 新增一个类继承AbstractWebFilter,并实现它的两个方法。
   /**     * this is Template Method ,children Implement your own filtering logic.     *     * @param exchange the current server exchange     * @param chain    provides a way to delegate to the next filter     * @return {@code Mono<Boolean>} result:TRUE (is pass),and flow next filter;FALSE (is not pass) execute doDenyResponse(ServerWebExchange exchange)     */    protected abstract Mono<Boolean> doFilter(ServerWebExchange exchange, WebFilterChain chain);
    /**     * this is Template Method ,children Implement your own And response client.     *     * @param exchange the current server exchange.     * @return {@code Mono<Void>} response msg.     */    protected abstract Mono<Void> doDenyResponse(ServerWebExchange exchange);
  • doFilter 方法返回 Mono<true> 表示通过,反之则不通过,不通过的时候,会调用 doDenyResponse输出相关信息到前端。