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【From CRUD Boy to Apache ShenYu Committer】

· 4 min read

Introduction of new Committer#

Hello everyone, my name is Renzhu Yan , currently engaged in Java/big data business development in Shenzhen Qianhai WeBank Co., Ltd. I am honored to be invited to be a Committer of Apache ShenYu community. As a business developer, I usually focus on business and then write CRUD, while participating in the open source of Apache ShenYu community gives me a different experience. More attention is paid to the code itself, consider how to support various protocols, plug-in extensions, data synchronization, and more. I would like to share with you my growth and suggestions during my participation in the Apache ShenYu community.

Meet the Apache Shenyu community for the first time#

The story timeline has to go back to the end of 2020. At that time, in order to allow us to grow better, the department signed us up for the JAVA advanced training camp of Geek Time, that is, in this training camp, we were fortunate enough to get to know Mr. Cat. Under the leadership of Mr. Mao's source code reading activity, I first came into contact with Apache Shenyu, which was not yet in the Apache incubator, and was also called Soul (hereinafter referred to as Apache Shenyu). The activity of reading the source code of Apache Shenyu lasted for three weeks in total. During the three weeks, we read the source code and blogged every day, from setting up the environment to running the example project, to reading the source code of the plug-in chain and data synchronization. Also have a certain understanding.

Start submitting PR#

In May 2021, I started to submit my first PR. At that time, I added a unit test to the Admin module. The function was small, but its significance was extraordinary, it meant that I started from learning to contributing, from playing to open source, which made a good start on the road of open source.

Ongoing open source contributions and gains#

So far, I have participated in the open source of Apache Shenyu community for more than a year, and I have made a lot of contributions and gained a lot of growth. Details are as follows:

  • Participated in soul's migration to Apache Incubator and renamed Apache Shenyu.
  • Participate in the writing of unit tests for each module.
  • Responsible for integrating TarsResponsePlugin, GrpcResponsePlugin, SofaResponsePlugin, DubboResponsePlugin, etc. and refactoring them into ResponsePlugin for unified processing.
  • Responsible for Admin Oracle database support.
  • Responsible for the support of Shenyu gateway instance registration to Consul.
  • Participated in the repair of some found problems, sample project writing, JAR package replacement and upgrade, integration test writing, etc.

Thanks to the community#

Thanks to my friends who helped me or inspired me for free (in no particular order): yu199195,dragon-zhang,li-keguo,qicz,moremind,zouchangfu,lianjunwei

A little advice for newcomers#

Apache Way has a philosophy: community is greater than code, and we firmly believe that a healthy community is more important than good code. After more than a year of participation, I also felt that Apache Shenyu community has put this into practice very well, such as bi-weekly meetings, consensual voluntary tasks, open and transparent community, and enthusiastic help from partners. So today I will also give this sentence to newcomers. The community is bigger than the code. Here, you can try it.

How to join Apache ShenYu#

  1. How to become a Contributor

    The Apache ShenYu community has purposely written a very comprehensive Contributor Guide

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