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New Features#

  1. Add dubbo annotation analysis for shenyu ingress controller
  2. Support plugin lifecycle
  3. Support shenyu-sdk-client by openFeign
  4. Adding a Motan plugin and Spring Cloud to shenyu ingress-controller
  5. Support alert notice
  6. Shenyu client add discovery register center
  7. Add shenyu context-path plugin ingress controller
  8. Add shenyu grpc plugin ingress controller
  9. Add shenyu sofa ingress controller
  10. Add nacos, etcd, eureka as discovery service
  11. Add new plugin: basic-auth
  12. Add shenyu logging-rabbitmq plugin
  13. Binding selector by shenyu-discovery

API Changes#

  1. Refactor shenyu sync data data structure

    plugin.list ["plugin.sign", "plugin.dubbo", "plugin.pluginName"]-> plugin.sign-> plugin.dubbo-> plugin.pluginName
    examples data:selector.key1.list ["selector.key1.value1", "selector.key1.value2", "selector.key1.value3"]-> selector.key1.value1-> selector.key1.value2-> selector.key1.value3
    selector.key2.list ["selector.key2.value1", "selector.key2.value2", "selector.key2.value3"]-> selector.key2.value4-> selector.key2.value5-> selector.key2.value6
  2. Support NettyClient as default httpclient

  3. Refactor admin-listener to support admin data sync

  4. Remove brpc supports including brpc plugin, brpc example, brpc integrated test

  5. Remove Apollo dependency to support Java 17(add jar by yourself)

  6. Remove shenyu middleware register client


  1. Add test cases for shenyu model event
  2. Add selector event test cases
  3. Add motan e2e test cases
  4. Support the motan protocol
  5. Add Grpc e2e test cases
  6. Bump apache-rat-plugin to 0.15
  7. Support String isBlank in match condition
  8. Clickhouse support ttl field
  9. Support HttpUtils log level
  10. Add unit test for Ingress Reconciler
  11. Support checksum when packing distribution
  12. Implement zero-copy in TCP plugin
  13. shenyu-client-springmvc supports default appName and contextPath
  14. Add sdk-feign example and integrated test case
  15. ElasticSearch logging support for custom index
  16. Enhance grpc plugin to support shenyu loadbalancer
  17. Support http2 upstream server
  18. Enhance Dubbo plugin support shenyu loadbalancer
  19. Add ingress-controller integration springCloud test case
  20. Add WebSocket plugin proxy ping configuration
  21. Add ingress-controller integration websocket test
  22. RewritePlugin supports percentage
  23. Admin use discovery config init discovery-service
  24. Divide plugin adapt shenyu discovery
  25. Alert report support config admin cluster multi servers
  26. WebSocket plugin adapt shenyu discovery
  27. Register service instance into discovery
  28. Admin adapter discovery local mode
  29. Add test case for ShenYu sdk core
  30. Add unit test for shenyu-discovery
  31. Add opengauss e2e test case
  32. Add upload plugin jar size limit
  33. Add unit test for shenyu-client-spring-websocket
  34. Upgrade Shiro version to a secure version(1.18.0)
  35. Update license and upgrade springboot(2.7.17)
  36. Send alarm message when gateway global error happen
  37. Add EurekaDiscoveryService unit test


  1. Refactor 2.6.1 version(pom.xml)
  2. Simplify Map operations by computeIfAbsent
  3. Refactor polaris test cases
  4. Migrate Maven Wrapper from io.takari to official release
  5. Use compiled Pattern in WebClientMessageWriter
  6. Refactor HttpUtils request method
  7. Update github action version
  8. Refactor Sync data center abstract template method
  9. Update MenuProject, MenuModule, MenuDocItem to VO
  10. Unified dubbo version
  11. Refactor Httpclient's package
  12. Refactor github ci action cache
  13. Refactor motan pojo as rpc method parameter
  14. Upgrade Kafka client version to 3.4.0
  15. Migrate Admin swagger from springfox to springdoc
  16. Upgrade Dubbo version to 3.2.5 and refactor some methods
  17. Refactor AbstractShenyuSdkClient getOrDefault method
  18. Refactor http client properties
  19. Refactor webcliet plugin implement
  20. Upgrade to 32.0.0-jre
  21. support k8s as e2e test case enviroment
  22. Refactor @Restapi as rest api request mapping
  23. String concatenation recommended using StringBuilder
  24. Set the netty allocator to unpooled
  25. Refactor startup banner
  26. Removing duplicate code and extracting the same code for common use
  27. Standardized null detection coding
  28. Refactor log plugin selector handler
  29. Refactor plugin classloader
  30. Refactor Logging plugin to support sampleRate at plugin level
  31. Refactor context-path register to avoid repeat context-path(use select for update)

Bug Fix#

  1. Avoid the permanent overhead of creating TimeoutException
  2. Fix example module main class path
  3. Fix plugin page sorting bug
  4. Update Makefile SNAPSHOT version
  5. Fix typo in
  6. Fix the error package name of shenyu-example
  7. Fix password rules, add special characters '#' and '.'
  8. Fix health check for zookeeper:3.8.0 in e2e
  9. Fix unstable ci check
  10. Add e2e WaitForHelper exception log
  11. Fix springcloud plugin can't get scheme
  12. Fix javadoc build errors
  13. Fix the wrong request type in HttpUtils
  14. Fix userId can not update success when update auth
  15. Fix thread leak in TCP plugin
  16. Format "Quick start" part in shenyu-integrated-test/README
  17. Fix SQL script error
  18. Fix uri plugin path error and change path to rawpath
  19. Fix WebSocket plugin to support rewrite plugin
  20. Fix indexName not working for es-logging
  21. Fix the error of context-path plugin
  22. Fix shenyu-admin cpu surge
  23. Fix alert localDateTime format problem
  24. shenyu-client persist ApiDoc error retry
  25. Fix applicationContextAware initialization too late
  26. Fix duplicate response header
  27. Set the maximum time to wait for the k8s cluster to start up
  28. Fix type for status field for clickhouse log plugin
  29. Fix response plugin memory leak
  30. Fix dataType contrast error
  31. Fix http data sync error
  32. Fix spelling error
  33. Fix shenyu-dubbo register status
  34. Fix buildDiscoveryUpstreamPath causing multiple /
  35. Fix bug when registering with Eureka through EurekaInstanceRegisterRepository#persistInstance
  36. Fix AbstractLogPluginDataHandler hashcode error
  37. Fix Ratelimit plugin key error in redis cluster mode
  38. Fix multi shenyu client register repeat context path
  39. Fix shenyu can't load ext plugin after close the plugin
  40. Fix upload plugin jar bug in shenyu admin
  41. Fix plugin can not load resource path file
  42. Fix Admin script to show dictionary code
  43. Fix authorization conflict in sign plugin
  44. Fix sign plugin context path match error