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New Features#

  1. Support shenyu-admin expose prometheus metrics
  2. Add shenyu Level-1 cache and Level-2 cache
  3. Save extend plugin jar to shenyu admin
  4. Support shenyu upload plugin hot load in gateway
  5. Support apollo sync data and register data
  6. Initializes client information collection
  7. Support spring-boot-client auto config in shenyu client
  8. Add TCP plugin
  9. Super admin forces password change
  10. Spring-mvc(boot) client support collect api-meta
  11. Add zookeeper discovery sync
  12. Initializes Shenyu ingress controller
  13. Add discovery upstream and proxy selector proxy
  14. Expose shenyu actuator endpoint
  15. Add naocs discovery sync
  16. Add apollo discovery sync
  17. Add HttpLongPolling discovery sync
  18. Add consul discovery sync
  19. Add huawei cloud lts logging plugin
  20. Support openGauss database for shenyu admin
  21. Support polaris config sync and register center

API Changes#


  1. Add tags for shenyu api doc client
  2. Add brpc integrated test
  3. Brpc support shared thread pool
  4. Add mapType to cryptor request and response plugin
  5. Crypto plugin supports multi field names
  6. Add p2c loadbalancer
  7. Modify plugin jar to Base64-string in plugin data
  8. Add shortest response load balancer
  9. Add hash load balancer test case
  10. Add DetailSerivice test case
  11. Tolerant path slash for shenyu
  12. Add shenyu-common enums test case
  13. Add shenyu-common dto test case
  14. Add shenyu-admin model test case
  15. Add shenyu match cache test case
  16. Support k8s probes
  17. Add shenyu-admin service test case
  18. Add document json data in api doc
  19. The SPEL in the mock plugin is secure by default
  20. Add test cases for ShenyuClientApiDocExecutorSubscriber
  21. Add test case for shenyu-client-sofa module
  22. Add tag relation for shenyu api doc
  23. Support shenyu admin, bootstrap service stop script bat in windows
  24. Add test case for ShenyuSdkClientFactory
  25. Add websocket synchronization method for e2e-springcloud
  26. Support divide plugin active offline
  27. Add springcloud service instance cache
  28. Change password support i18n
  29. Add websocket sync for shenyu discovery
  30. Update springboot to 2.7.13
  31. Add other syn method e2e-spring-cloud
  32. Add api doc client generated annotation attribute
  33. Update zookeeper client register repository active offline
  34. Update apollo client register repository active offline
  35. Storage adjustment for swagger type API documents, change from local cache to database
  36. Support nacos client offline
  37. Add e2e alibaba dubbo test case
  38. Add e2e apache dubbo test case
  39. Add shenyu-spring-sdk test cases
  40. Add e2e sofa test cases
  41. Add apollo config sync test case
  42. Add database connection pool
  43. Add idea icon for shenyu project


  1. Optimize shenyu-admin
  2. Refactor least active balance algorithm
  3. Optimized version-one for sign-plugin
  4. Optimize upstream check service
  5. Resolve shenyu project global version
  6. Refactor ShenyuConsulConfigWatch code
  7. Refactor shenyu trie codes
  8. Check uri condition of rule when saving
  9. Optimize shenyu-client code for shenyu-client-websocket
  10. Add license for admin dependency micrometer
  11. Update maven-assembly-plugin to 3.5.0
  12. Optimize global plugin sorting
  13. Use BearerToken replace StatelessToken in shenyu-admin
  14. Refactor shenyu-logging module
  15. Add validation for api doc
  16. Optimize Trie code and improve wildcard * supporting
  17. Refactor the custom plugin support hot load
  18. Refactor ShenyuWebHandler putPlugin methods
  19. Refactor Shenyu webfilter
  20. Reactor oauth2 plguin
  21. Refactor shenyu selector data continued field
  22. Refactor shenyu selector and rule cache
  23. Removed unused generics in shenyu client
  24. Refactor shenyu-plugin-sentinel plugin
  25. Refactor cache and add endpoint to expose cache
  26. Refactor checkUserPassword, not print known error log when startup
  27. Add some parameters for log
  28. Refactor shenyu global exception handler
  29. Add shenyu upload plugin integrated test case
  30. Optimize some syntactic sugar
  31. Change discovery_upstream discovery_handler_id
  32. Refactor shenyu global exception handlers
  33. Refactor shenyu plugin module
  34. Refactor AlibabaDubboConfigCache
  35. Remove hutool from dependency
  36. Refactor ShenyuClientShutdownHook
  37. Extractor add BaseAnnotationApiBeansExtractor
  38. Support multi-client registration
  39. Refactor shenyu-e2e support shenyu check style
  40. Refactor shenyu client register base
  41. Add domain test for shenyu divide plugin
  42. Update other rpc_ext for the same service
  43. Optimize consul connect operation
  44. Refactor shenyu e2e springcloud yaml change
  45. Add integrated test for k8s ingress controller
  46. Split the document field of the apidoc detail interface,and add fields such as requestHeaders and responseParameters
  47. Add swagger sample project to test the relevant functionality of the API documentation
  48. Optimize the display of form fields in json format
  49. Refactor shenyu log observability
  50. Add bootstrap start log
  51. Refactor api document for swagger
  52. Upgrade grpc version to 1.53.0
  53. Refactor api meta data process function
  54. polish master code and pom

Bug Fix#

  1. Smart h2 path
  2. Fix crypto-response plugin
  3. Fix jdk8 Map computeIfAbsent performance bug
  4. Fix zombieRemovalTimes code
  5. Fix the upgraded sql file
  6. Remove detectOfflineLinks tag
  7. Ignore flattened-pom
  8. Fix LOG invoke method
  9. Fix NPE for shenyu-example-springcloud with nacos
  10. Fix shenyu-admin names for arguement of type
  11. Fix loadbalance spi resource
  12. Fix sql script error
  13. Fix to 24-hour format and timeZone for jackson
  14. Fix JwtUtils error
  15. Fix dubbo invoker cache bug
  16. Fix missing HOST delete operation
  17. Fix SpringMvcClientEventListener test case
  18. Fix pass update PENDING_SYNC for zombie
  19. Fix Memory leak
  20. Fix rule query failed because there are too many rules
  21. Fix missing actuator dependency and port error in examples http
  22. Fix UpstreamCheckUtils http and https
  23. Fix FileFilter make memory leak
  24. Fix zookeeper sync error
  25. Fix MemorySafeWindowTinyLFUMap memory leak error
  26. Fix lack separator of path of ApiDoc
  27. Fix NPE for shenyu trie
  28. Fix plugin skip error
  29. Fix oracle sql error
  30. Fix shenyu icon can't load in shenyu admin
  31. Fix hystrix fallback bug
  32. Fix warm up time for divide and springcloud
  33. Fix springcloud service chooser
  34. Fix shenyu-spring-boot-starter-plugin-mock add spring.factories
  35. Fix shenyu-client-mvc and shenyu-client-springcloud lose ip
  36. Fix empty rule data and selector data in cache
  37. Fix api document module update api detail error
  38. Fix get topic from config in KafkaLogCollectClient
  39. Fix logging console thread safety
  40. Fix brpc integration testing response size
  41. Fix selector update gray remove cache for plugn-dubbo-common
  42. Fix shenyu admin menu name bug
  43. Fix shenyu admin cannot configure consul port
  44. Fix shenyu client metadata and uri cannot sync to admin with apollo
  45. Fix PathVariable annotation url cannot match
  46. Fix could not update uri in PathPattern mode
  47. Fix client shutdown method call twice
  48. Fix shenyu mishandle consul configuration
  49. Remove unused configuration from Request, modifyResponse plugin
  50. Fix http registration metadata
  51. Fix websocket lost the user-defined clost status
  52. Fix consul register lose the prop of meta-path when special symbol
  53. Fix etcd sync error
  54. Fix admin sync error
  55. Fix shenyu motan plugin execute error