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New Features#

  1. Add brpc example
  2. Add spring boot starter plugin brpc&admin
  3. Add brpc-plugin
  4. Add shenyu-client-api-doc
  5. Add sdk duplicate class check
  6. Support diff nacos namespace
  7. Add array method of expression in mock plugin
  8. Support generation of mock data on request
  9. Support user specify http request domain
  10. Add MockRequestRecord
  11. Development shenyu-register-instance-eureka
  12. Support API document Api doc detail mapper
  13. Add api doc ddl
  14. Add TagMapper and TagRelationMapper
  15. Add api and api_rule_relation mapper
  16. Not config rule
  17. Refactor message readers
  18. Add sentinel rule handle parameter
  19. Add shenyu-e2e test engine
  20. Make an Apache Shenyu SSO authentication plugin based on casdoor
  21. Add logging-tencent-cls plugin
  22. Support clickhouse-logging-pugin
  23. Add logging-pulsar plugin
  24. Add new plugin: key-auth
  25. Fix sign plugin DataBufferLimitException error
  26. Fix context-path error

API Changes#


  1. Add simpler client annotations for motan
  2. Add simpler client annotations for websocket
  3. Add configuration in starter for motan plugin
  4. Add convenience annotation for shenyu-client-springcloud and shenyu-client-springmvc


  1. Refactor some code for mock request of api doc
  2. Refactor logging-clickhouse
  3. Polish maven dependencies of dubbo
  4. Refactor sign plugin
  5. Update ShenyuExtConfiguration
  6. Remove unnecessary singleton
  7. Fix generating mock data in multithreading
  8. Refactor sdk test and processArgument
  9. Refactor DefaultSignService
  10. Fix shenyu-admin rule
  11. Optimized ShaUtil
  12. Fix cache too large
  13. Fix ConcurrentModificationException
  14. Fix sync data in etcd
  15. Refactor shenyu sdk client
  16. Optimize request timeout response
  17. Refactor log module
  18. Refactor shenyu-client-springcloud
  19. Refactor MotanServiceEventListener
  20. Refactor shenyu-admin sync data listener
  21. Refactor shenyu-client-tars
  22. Refactor client sdks alibaba dubbo
  23. Refactor springmvc client
  24. Refactor admin mapper config
  25. Refactor shenyu-plugin-logging
  26. Optimize random algorithm
  27. Refactor random loadbalancer
  28. Refactor logging-kafka

Bug Fix#

  1. Remove redundant cookie setting
  2. Fix appAuth delete
  3. fix Cryptor-Request Plugin
  4. To avoid load the same ext plugins repeatedly
  5. Fix the TagRelationQuery
  6. Fix upgrade sql
  7. Fix Nacos register NPE
  8. Fix sandbox json parsing
  9. Prevent the first time from failing to load
  10. Fix plugin update bug by modifying config field setter
  11. Fix postgresql sql
  12. Fix the postgresql error during ShenYu-Admin startup
  13. Fix sentinel can't fuse
  14. Fix TencentClsLogCollectClient
  15. Fix change password error
  16. Fix selector page
  17. Fix request plugin can't replaceCookie
  18. Fix RateLimiterPlugin concurrent handler error