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New Features#

  1. Add http register client retry.
  2. Support octet-stream context-type.
  3. Support redirecting to URIs outside of bootstrap and refactoring code.
  4. Add local API authorization.
  5. Support config dubbo consumer pool.
  6. Support DividePlugin failover retry.
  7. Support websocket client configuration.
  8. Support config netty thread pool in HttpClient.
  9. Support MemoryLimitedLinkedBlockingQueue.
  10. Support alibaba dubbo plugin shared thread pool.
  11. Support grpc plugin shared thread pool.
  12. Add Metrics Plugin.
  13. Add Cache Plugin.
  14. Add logging rocketmq plugin.


  1. Test combination of Param mapping, Rewrite plugin,
  2. Test combination of Param mapping and Redirect plugin.
  3. Test combination of RateLimiter and Rewrite plugin.
  4. Test combination of RateLimiter and Redirect plugin.
  5. Test combination of Request and Redirect plugin.
  6. Test combination of Request and Rewrite plugin.
  7. Test combination of JWT and RateLimiter plugin.
  8. Test combination of JWT and Redirect plugin.
  9. Test combination of JWT and Rewrite plugin.
  10. Add integrated test of Resilience4j plugin.
  11. Add integrated test of Hystrix plugin.
  12. Update junit4 to junit5.
  13. Add shenyu-examples-springmvc-tomcat.
  14. Optimize the password encryption.
  15. Optimize and verify shenyu-admin module interface parameters.
  16. Optimize the configurable Shenyu agent log collection.
  17. Optimize code about data init when sync data.
  18. Add unit test for LoggingRocketMQPlugin


  1. Used Wheel-Timer instead of ScheduledExecutorService class.
  2. Remove DisruptorProvider#onData(final Consumer<DataEvent> function )
  3. Synchronized instance rather than class in MetadataExecutorSubscriber.
  4. Refactor admin buildHandle about register uri.
  5. Spring cloud client auto set port.
  6. Refactor jwt support multi-level tokens.
  7. Remove monitor plugin.
  8. Change logback theme.
  9. remove shenyu-agent.

Bug Fix#

  1. Fix init CommonUpstreamUtils NPE.
  2. Make a judgment on the failure of Nacos registration.
  3. Fix NPE when login with non-existent user.
  4. Fix double log.
  5. Fix misspelled token.
  6. Fix retryCount not work bug.
  7. Fix token parse error.
  8. Fix the trouble of big data in Websocket.
  9. Fix NettyHttpClientPlugin did not retry when failed.
  10. Fix CVE-2021-41303.
  11. Fix judgment of the contains condition of all plugins does not work.
  12. Fix http headers lose bug.
  13. Fix Bug The Rewrite Plugin should support {PathVariable} request.
  14. Fix Bug about data sync with Nacos.
  15. Fix Nacos namespace config.
  16. Fix NPE or websocket proxy fails when the context-path plug-in is opened.
  17. Fix http registers the client plug-in port occupancy detection.