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New Features#

  1. Add Mqtt plugin
  2. Add Shenyu-Agent module support observability
  3. Add opentelemetry plugin on Shenyu-Agent module
  4. Add jaeger plugin on Shenyu-Agent module
  5. Add zipkin plugin on Shenyu-Agent module
  6. Support Shenyu instance register by zookeeper
  7. Support Shenyu response data custom format
  8. Support https for upstream check
  9. Add RpcContextPlugin to transmit header to rpc context
  10. Support cluster model for dubbo plugin
  11. Support Shenyu instance register by ETCD

API Changes#

  1. Add configuration properties for HTTP synchronization data
  2. Remove'/shenyu-client/','/configs/','/plugin'interface from the whitelist interface of Shenyu admin


  1. Optimize global error handler for flexible processing
  2. Optimized the database access in the loop
  3. Optimize result media type and reset response header
  4. Enhancement crossfilter filter the same headers
  5. Optimize shenyu context module data
  6. Optimize dubbo plugin
  7. Optimize admin db operation
  8. Refactor Response and Cryptor plugin
  9. Optimize Admin Resource Permission loader
  10. Add authentication on shenyu admin when register by http
  11. Optimize netty config.
  12. Optimize SQL files for resource,permission
  13. Add ExcludeOperatorJudge for selector and rule
  14. Add docker-compose on Shenyu-dist
  15. Enhance the ability of jwt plugin


  1. Remove SpEL and Groovy plugins
  2. Optimization prompt of ExtensionLoader
  3. Add http client strategy property
  4. Refactor shenyu client

Bug Fix#

  1. Fix sentinel Plugin-exception number is not effective
  2. Fix HttpClientProperties.javaresponseTimeout can not config in yaml
  3. Fix Connection reset by peer Exception on webclient
  4. Fix register metadata and uri order
  5. Fix Admin when press the Add button
  6. Fix Spi config
  7. Support Dubbo Plugin Single Parameter Primitive Type
  8. Fix using etcd cluster to sync data init failed
  9. Fix Shiro get white list is null bug
  10. Fix zookeeper sync error handling event bug
  11. Fix modify-response-plugin and cryptor-response-plugin are used in combination, and no information is returned
  12. Fix the bug of missing some field in cryptor rule handler using h2