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New Features#

  • Support PostgreSQL for admin
  • Support dynamic loading plugin
  • Support local modification data mode
  • Add Websocket plugin
  • Add CryptorRequest plugin
  • Add CryptorResponse plugin
  • Support Grayscale Release for SpringCloud
  • Support Grayscale Release for Apache Dubbo
  • Implement the async dubbo invoking for alibaba-dubbo
  • Support external cross filter config
  • Support sign plugin custom dynamic sign provider

API Changes#

  • Refactor shenyu config in yaml


  • Optimze code about dubbo async call
  • Add loadbalancer common module
  • Optimize sql init
  • Refactor Admin PageHelper to query list
  • Optimize GlobalErrorHandler
  • Optimize the return value of the skip method interface of ShenyuPlugin to boolean
  • Optimize register rules
  • Modify dubbo and sofa param resolve service
  • Refactor sign plugin api
  • Remove websocket filter


  • Remove lombok dependency
  • Remove mapstruct dependency
  • Support JDK8 ~ JDK15
  • Add missing plugin_handle sql for plugin motan

Bug Fix#

  • Fix JsonSyntaxException in jwt plugin
  • Fix sql miss for resilience4j plugin handler
  • Fix disruptor problem of hold event data in consume event
  • Fix deadlock bug of HealthCheckTask
  • Fix client retry the connection add log and increase sleep time
  • Fix the default_group of nacos
  • Fix maven ignore and docker entrypoint
  • Fix admin Return password question
  • Fix LDAP query built from user-controlled source
  • Fix the IP address retrieval error
  • Fix Gson toJson is null
  • Fix the index out of range bug for context path.
  • Fix monitor init metrics label bug
  • Fix GlobalErrorHandler error object to map bug by JacksonUtils.toMap
  • Fix modify response plugin order bug
  • Fix the bug of register
  • Fix sofa plugin register metadata and parameters resolve
  • Fix motan ,dubbo, sofa plugin metadata init bug