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New Features#

  • Support reading init_script file which is not under resource/directory
  • Display the plugin menus in categories
  • Admin add execute Multi-path sql script
  • IpUtils add a parameter to select the network ip
  • Add parameter-mapping plugin
  • Support Consul as shenyu-register-center
  • Support Etcd as shenyu-sync-data-center
  • Add sentinel customized fallbackhandler
  • Add response plugin
  • Add JWT plugin
  • Add Request plugin
  • Add Motan plugin
  • Add Logging plugin
  • Add Modify-response plugin
  • Add Oauth2 plugin
  • Add Menu Resource Permissions
  • Add Data Permissions

API Changes#

  • Change the project name from Soul to ShenYu
  • Change the group id from org.dromara to org.apache.shenyu


  • H2 support insert ingore into in Mysql model
  • Improvements For the Apache Dubbo plugin
  • Optimization of GRPC plugin


  • Refactor code about "async invoke" is not supported in Dubbo lower than 2.7.3
  • Replace the term Operator by Predicate
  • Refine judge conditions operator
  • Refactor PredicateJudge module using SPI
  • Refactor code about client register

Bug Fix#

  • Fix the JwtUtil.getUserId method bug
  • Fix the shenyu-spring-boot-starter bug
  • The encoded urlPath will be re-encoded in WebClientPlugin
  • Replace The Risky Cryptographic Algorithm "AES/ECB/NoPadding"
  • ReadTimeoutHandler on a channel which in a PooledConnectionProvider would cause an unexpected ReadTimeoutException
  • Got ClassNotFoundException while start my Gateway in 2.4.8 spring boot