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  • Add open field to allow app path authentication or not in sign plugin.
  • Optimize divide plugin to use common plugin template in soul-dashboard.
  • Add default values and rule checks in plugin handler.
  • Add resource management to allow user to add plugin, adjust menu and button resource and so on in soul-dashboard and soul-admin.
  • Add menu and data permission in soul-admin.
  • Add H2 store for soul-admin.


  • Add tars plugin
  • Add sentinel plugin
  • Add sofa plugin
  • Add Resilience4j plugin for soul-plugin.
  • Add Context path mapping plugin for soul-plugin.
  • Add Grpc plugin supports grpc protocol.
  • Support form submission for dubbo plugin.
  • feat(plugin handle):
  • Add dist package module
  • Add test cases for soul-admin
  • Add register center for consul
  • Add register center for etcd
  • Add register center for nacos
  • Add register center for zookeeper