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  • Complete plug-in architecture design, plug-in hot-swappable.
  • Fully supports all versions of dubbo, alibaba-dubbo, apache-dubbo.
  • Support dubbo generalization call, multi-parameter, complex parameter interface.
  • Enhance the monitoring plug-in, remove influxdb support, increase memory, CPU, QPS, TPS, response delay and other indicators, and support access to Prometheus.
  • The springCloud plug-in supports two registration centers, eureka and nacos.
  • Waf plug-in enhancements, black and white albums, and mixed modes.
  • Removed the Hystrix fuse function, independent as a plug-in support.
  • Modify the data synchronization method bug in Zookeeper, and add the nacos synchronization method.
  • Diversified customer support, providing traditional and springboot access to spring.
  • Optimize the soul-background control interface.
  • Load balancing algorithm bug repair.
  • Fix bugs when uploading large files.