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This directory presents the official Apache ShenYu repositories and some ecosystem projects developed by community.

The downloadable releases can be find in thedownload page

Apache ShenYu Docs
Apache ShenYu
The document for Apache ShenYu
ShenYu Nginx Docs
ShenYu Nginx
This module provided SDK to watch available ShenYu instance list as upstream nodes by Service Register Center for OpenResty.
Shenyu Golang Client Docs
Shenyu-client-golang for Go client allows you to access ShenYu Gateway,it supports register go service to ShenYu Gateway.
ShenYu .NET Client Docs
Shenyu .NET Client
ShenYu .NET client allows you to register your Apps to ShenYu Gateway automatically and use ShenYu as gateway easily.
ShenYu Helm Chart Docs
ShenYu Helm Chart
Helm deployment documentation written for ShenYu