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Version: 2.6.1

The client registers the API documentation

This article describes how to expose the API documentation to the Apache ShenYu gateway.

Before accessing, please start shenyu-admin correctly.

Export API Documentation to shenyu-admin#

You can refer to any of the example codes below shenyu-examples.

The only thing you need to do is to add @ApiModule and @ApiDoc annotations to your service, here is an example from shenyu-examples-http:

@RestController@RequestMapping("/order")@ShenyuSpringMvcClient("/order")@ApiModule(value = "order")public class OrderController {
    @GetMapping("/findById")    @ShenyuSpringMvcClient("/findById")    @ApiDoc(desc = "findById")    public OrderDTO findById(@RequestParam("id") final String id) {        return build(id, "hello world findById");    }
    private OrderDTO build(final String id, final String name) {        OrderDTO orderDTO = new OrderDTO();        orderDTO.setId(id);        orderDTO.setName(name);        return orderDTO;    }}