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Version: 2.6.1

CryptorRequest plugin


  • The cryptorRequest plugin uses fieldNames to match the parameters in requestBody for decryption processing, replacing the current requestBody content.

Plugin Setting#

  1. In shenyu-admin BasicConfig --> plugin -> cryptor_request set to enable.
  1. Open selector to configure the traffic that needs to be matched.

  2. Open the Rules configuration corresponding to the selector.

  • strategyName: Algorithm name. Currently, based on shenyu's SPI mechanism, the encryption and decryption algorithms can be customized, Need to implement the org.apache.shenyu.plugin.cryptor.strategy.CryptorStrategy interface.

    At the same time find the org.apache.shenyu.plugin.cryptor.strategy.CryptorStrategy file under resources/META-INF/shenyu/, Write the name of the algorithm, and the package name of the class that implements the CryptorStrategy interface.

  • fieldNames: Matching parameter name. Support parsing multi-level json format matching, using . segmentation, such as

        {          data: {            "id": ""          }          }
  • decryptKey: Secret key. Used to decrypt data.

  • encryptKey: Secret key. Used to encrypt data.

  • way: Select encrypt or decrypt.

Plugin Use#

  • Add support for cryptorRequest in the pom.xml file of shenyu-bootstrap.
<!-- apache shenyu Cryptor Request plugin start--><dependency>  <groupId>org.apache.shenyu</groupId>  <artifactId>shenyu-spring-boot-starter-plugin-cryptor</artifactId>  <version>${project.version}</version></dependency><!-- apache shenyu Cryptor Request plugin end-->


Prevent Internet hacking and obtain data maliciously. Improve data security.