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1. Overview

1.1 Plugin Name#

  • Hystrix Plugin

1.2 Appropriate Scenario#

  • The backend service is unstable, use hystrix for protection

1.3 Plugin functionality#

  • Fusing the flow
  • Protect the application behind ShenYu Gateway
  • Isolation mode supports thread and semaphore.

1.4 Plugin code#

  • Core Module: shenyu-plugin-hystrix

  • Core Class: org.apache.shenyu.plugin.hystrix.HystrixPlugin

1.5 Added Since Which shenyu version#

  • Since ShenYu 2.4.0

2. How to use plugin

2.1 Plugin-use procedure chart#

2.2 Import pom#

  • Add hystrix dependency in the pom.xml file of the gateway.
<!-- apache shenyu hystrix plugin start--><dependency>  <groupId>org.apache.shenyu</groupId>  <artifactId>shenyu-spring-boot-starter-plugin-hystrix</artifactId>  <version>${project.version}</version></dependency><!-- apache shenyu hystrix plugin end-->

2.3 Enable plugin#

  • In shenyu-admin--> BasicConfig --> Plugin --> hystrix set to enable.

2.4 Config plugin#

2.4.1 Plugin Config#

  • No Config, but you should open hystrix plugin.

2.4.2 Selector Config#

It is used to filter traffic for the first time and does not require handle fields.

For more information on selectors and rules configuration, see Selector And Rule Config , only some of the fields are covered here.

2.4.3 Rule Config#

  • For the final filtering of traffic, there is a rule handler logic, isolation mode supports thread and semaphore.

  • Hystrix handler details:

    • MinimumRequests: the minimum number of requests required to trigger a circuit breaker.

    • ErrorThresholdPercentage: percentage of exception occurring during that time.

    • Timeout(ms): execution timeout.

    • MaxConcurrentRequests: max concurrent requests.

    • Sleep(ms): The recovery time after the circuit breaker.

    • GroupKey: It is generally set to: contextPath.

    • CallBackUrl: default url /fallback/hystrix.

    • CommandKey: generally, it is set to a specific path interface.

2.5 Examples#

2.5.1 use hystrix protect application# Preparation#

  • Start ShenYu Admin
  • Start ShenYu Bootstrap
  • Start a backend service Selector Config# Rule Config#

  • The rules in the pictures below are test examples, actual environment depends on the specific situation.

  • test example
@RestController@RequestMapping("/test")@ShenyuSpringMvcClient("/test/**")public class HttpTestController {    @PostMapping("/testHystrix")    public ResultBean ok() {        Random random = new Random();        int num = random.nextInt(100);        if (num > 20) {            throw new RuntimeException();        }        return new ResultBean(200, "ok", null);    }} Send Request With Apache Jmeter# Check Result#

3. How to disable plugin

  • In shenyu-admin --> BasicConfig --> Plugin --> hystrix set Status disable.