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Custom Jwt convert Algorithm


  • Users can customize the convert algorithm of Jwt-plugin to achieve convert.


The default implementation is org.apache.shenyu.plugin.jwt.strategy.DefaultJwtConvertStrategy. The SPI mechanism is adopted for extension, and the steps are as follows:

  1. Implements interface org.apache.shenyu.plugin.jwt.strategy.JwtConvertStrategy

       /**    * Represents a conversion strategy that convert jwt to some attributes of    * serverWebExchange, especially attributes of the request header.    */   @SPI   public interface JwtConvertStrategy {          /**        * HandleJson needs to be parsed into jwtRuleHandle in order to        * specify how to convert jwt.        *        * @param handleJson handleJson from rule        * @return jwtRuleHandle        */       JwtRuleHandle parseHandleJson(String handleJson);          /**        * Converts jwt to some attributes of serverWebExchange based on jwtRuleHandle.        *        * @param jwtRuleHandle jwtRuleHandle        * @param exchange      exchange        * @param jwtBody       jwtBody        * @return serverWebExchange        */       ServerWebExchange convert(JwtRuleHandle jwtRuleHandle, ServerWebExchange exchange, Map<String, Object> jwtBody);      }
        @Join    public class CustomJwtConvertStrategy implements JwtConvertStrategy {            @Override        public CustomJwtRuleHandle parseHandleJson(final String handleJson) {                return GsonUtils.getInstance().fromJson(handleJson, CustomJwtRuleHandle.class);        }            @Override        public ServerWebExchange convert(final JwtRuleHandle jwtRuleHandle, final ServerWebExchange exchange, final Map<String, Object> jwtBody) {            final CustomJwtRuleHandle customJwtRuleHandle = (CustomJwtRuleHandle) jwtRuleHandle;            String customConvert = customJwtRuleHandle.getCustomConvert();            ServerHttpRequest modifiedRequest =                    exchange.getRequest().mutate().header("custom", customConvert).build();                return exchange.mutate().request(modifiedRequest).build();        }    }
  2. Configures SPI


The project would use different conversion strategies based on thehandleType parameter of JwtRuleHandle . For example, for the following JwtRuleHandle,the project would use our above CustomJwtConvertStrategy . (Note: handleType is default or nonexistent, the project would use default DefaultJwtConvertStrategy)

{    "handleType":"custom",    "customConvert":"customConvert"}

The case code is available for viewing in org.apache.shenyu.plugin.jwt.strategy.CustomJwtConvertStrategy