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Version: 2.6.1

Thread Model


  • This article gives an introduction to thread models in ShenYu and usage in various scenarios.

IO And Work Thread#

  • spring-webflux is one of dependencies of ShenYu, and it uses Netty thread model in lower layer.

Business Thread#

  • Use scheduling thread to execute by default.
  • A fixed thread pool manages business threads, the number of threads is count in this formula: cpu * 2 + 1.

Type Switching#

  • reactor.core.scheduler.Schedulers.
  • -Dshenyu.scheduler.type=fixed is a default config. If set to other value, a flexible thread pool will take place it.Schedulers.elastic().
  • = xx is for configuring number of threads, the default value calculates in following formula cpu * 2 + 1 with a minimum of 16 threads.