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Version: 2.6.1

Custom Response


  • This doc offers examples for customising response structure in Apache ShenYu gateway.
  • The response body structure in gateways should be unified, it is recommended for specify yours.

Default Implementation#

  • The default implementation class is org.apache.shenyu.plugin.api.result.DefaultShenyuResult.
  • Following is the response structure:
public class ShenyuDefaultEntity implements Serializable {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = -2792556188993845048L;
    private Integer code;
    private String message;
    private Object data;
  • The returned json as follows:
{    "code": -100, //response code,    "message": "Your parameter error, please check the relevant documentation!", //hint messages    "data": null  // business data}


  • Declare a new class named CustomShenyuResult and implements org.apache.shenyu.plugin.api.result.ShenyuResult
/** * The interface shenyu result. */public interface ShenyuResult<T> {
    /**     * The response result.     *     * @param exchange the exchange     * @param formatted the formatted object     * @return the result object     */    default Object result(ServerWebExchange exchange, Object formatted) {        return formatted;    }
    /**     * format the origin, default is json format.     *     * @param exchange the exchange     * @param origin the origin     * @return format origin     */    default Object format(ServerWebExchange exchange, Object origin) {        // basic data        if (ObjectTypeUtils.isBasicType(origin)) {            return origin;        }        // error result or rpc origin result.        return JsonUtils.toJson(origin);    }
    /**     * the response context type, default is application/json.     *     * @param exchange the exchange     * @param formatted the formatted data that is origin data or byte[] convert string     * @return the context type     */    default MediaType contentType(ServerWebExchange exchange, Object formatted) {        return MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON;    }
    /**     * Error t.     *     * @param code    the code     * @param message the message     * @param object  the object     * @return the t     */    T error(int code, String message, Object object);}

Processing sequence: format->contextType->result. The format method performs data formatting. If the data is a basic type and returns itself, other types are converted to JSON, and the parameter origin is the original data. Formatting can be performed according to the situation. contextType, if it is a basic type, use text/plain, the default is application/json, the parameter formatted is the data processed by the format method, and can be combined with the return result of format for data type Define processing. The parameter formatted of result is the data processed by the format method, which returns to itself by default, and can be combined with the return result of format for custom processing of the data type.

  • T is a generic parameter for your response data.
  • Register defined class as a Spring Bean.
@Beanpublic ShenyuResult<?> customShenyuResult() {    return new CustomShenyuResult();}