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Version: 2.6.1

SPI Design

SPI, called Service Provider Interface, is a built-in JDK Service that provides discovery function and a dynamic replacement discovery mechanism.

shenyu-spi is a custom SPI extension implementation for Apache Shenyu gateway. The design and implementation principles refer to SPI Extension Implementations .

Registry Center#

Consul, Etcd, Http, Nacos and Zookeeper are supported. The expansion of the registry including client and server, interface respectively ShenyuServerRegisterRepository and ShenyuClientRegisterRepository.

Metrics Center#

Responsible for service monitoring, loading concrete implementation through SPI, currently support Prometheus, service interface is MetricsService.

Load Balance#

Select one of the service providers to call. Currently, the supported algorithms are Has, Random, and RoundRobin, and the extended interface is LoadBalance.


In the RateLimiter plugin, which stream limiting algorithm to use, currently supporting Concurren, LeakyBucke, SlidingWindow and TokenBucket, the extension interface is RateLimiterAlgorithm.

Match Strategy#

Which matching method to use when adding selectors And rules, currently supports And, Or, And the extension interface is MatchStrategy.

Parameter Data#

Currently, URI,RequestMethod, Query, Post, IP, Host, Cookie, and Header are supported. The extended interface is ParameterData.

Predicate Judge#

Which conditional policy to use when adding selectors and rules currently supports Match, Contains,Equals, Groovy, Regex, SpEL, TimerAfter, TimerBefore and Exclude. The extension interface is PredicateJudge.