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Version: 2.6.1

Docker-compose Deployment

This article introduces the use of docker-compose to deploy the Apache ShenYu gateway.

Before you read this document, you need to complete some preparations before deploying Shenyu according to the Deployment Prerequisites document.

Download shell script#

curl -O

execute script#

This script will download the required configuration files and mysql-connector, and can be executed repeatedly if the download fails.

sh ./ #The latest configuration is pulled by default. If you need to deploy the released version, you can add a parameter to indicate the version number, such as: v2.4.2 or latest

Initialize the shenyu-admin database#

Refer to the database initialization documentation to initialize the database.

Modify the configuration file#

Modify the configuration file downloaded by the script to set up configurations such as JDBC.

Execute docker-compose#

cd shenyu-${VERSION}docker-compose -f ./shenyu-${VERSION}/docker-compose.yaml up -d