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Version: 2.4.0

What is the Apache ShenYu?

This is an asynchronous, high-performance, cross-language, responsive API gateway.


  • Support various languages (http protocol), support Dubbo, Spring Cloud, gRPC, Motan, Sofa, Tars and other protocols.
  • Plugin design idea, plugin hot swap, easy to expand.
  • Flexible flow filtering to meet various flow control.
  • Built-in rich plugin support, authentication, limiting, fuse, firewall, etc.
  • Dynamic flow configuration, high performance.
  • Support cluster deployment, A/B Test, blue-green release.

Architecture Diagram

Mind map


  • shenyu-admin : plugins and other configuration information management background

  • shenyu-bootstrap : with the startup project, users can refer to

  • shenyu-client : user fast access with Spring MVC, Dubbo, Spring Cloud.

  • shenyu-common : framework common class

  • shenyu-disruptor : based on disruptor Enclosure

  • shenyu-register-center : rpc type register for shenyu-client

  • shenyu-dist : build project

  • shenyu-metrics : metrics impl by prometheus.

  • shenyu-plugin : ShenYu provider plugin collection.

  • shenyu-spi : ShenYu spi define.

  • shenyu-spring-boot-starter : support for the spring boot starter

  • shenyu-sync-data-center : provider ZooKeeper, HTTP, WebSocket, Nacos to sync data

  • shenyu-examples : the RPC examples project

  • shenyu-web : core processing packages including plugins, request routing and forwarding, and so on


Apache ShenYu has been used widely in more and more systems in many companies, and it's simple and convenient to integrate Services/APIs with the high performance and flexibility.

In double eleven online shopping carnival of China, ShenYu clusters successfully supported a large volume of internet business.