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Version: 2.4.0

Apache ShenYu Admin Database Design

Apache Shenyu Admin is the management system of the gateway, which can manage all plugins, selectors and rules visually, set users, roles and resources.

Plugin, Selector And Rule#

  • Plugin: ShenYu uses the plugin design idea to realize the hot plug of the plugin, which is easy to expand. Built-in rich plugins, including RPC proxy, circuit breaker and current limiting, authority and certification, monitoring, and more.

  • Selector: Each plugin can set multiple selectors to carry out preliminary filtering of traffic.

  • Rule: Multiple rules can be set per selector for more fine-grained control of flow.

  • The Database Table UML Diagram:

  • Detailed design:

    • One plugin corresponds to multiple selectors,one selector corresponds to multiple rules.

    • One selector corresponds to multiple match conditions,one rule corresponds to multiple match conditions.

    • Each rule handles differently in corresponding plugin according to field handler,field handler is a kind of data of JSON string type.You can view detail during the use of shenyu-admin.

Resource Permission#

  • The resource are the menus and buttons in the shenyu-admin console.

  • Resource Permission use database to store user name,role,resource data and relationship.

  • The Resource Permission Table UML Diagram:

  • Detailed design:

    • one user corresponds to multiple role,one role corresponds to multiple resources.

Data Permission#

  • Data Permission use database to store the relationship between users, selectors and rules.

  • The Data Permission Table UML Diagram: data permission uml

  • Detailed design:
    • The most important table is data_permission, where a user corresponds to multiple data permissions.
    • The field data_type distinguishes between different types of data, which corresponds to the following: 0 -> selector, 1 -> rule.
    • The field data_id holds the primary key id of the corresponding type.

Meta Data#

  • Metadata is used for generic invoke by gateway.
  • For each interface method, there is one piece of metadata.
  • The Database Table UML Diagram:
  • Detailed design:

    • path: When the gateway is requested, a piece of data will be matched according to path, and then the subsequent process will be carried out.

    • rpc_ext: Used to hold extended information for the RPC proxy.。

Dictionary Management#

  • Dictionary management is used to maintain and manage public data dictionaries.
  • The Database Table UML Diagram: